There is several applications for our energy systems. What can be done with an energy system depends on your energy consumption profile. Following are examples of applications while using a PV system combined with a battery energy storage system.

Peak Shaving

Peak shaving can be done when energy consumption peaks above the base demand during shorter periods. Peak shaving can de done to reduce demand charges, and hence have severe affect on reducing electricity costs.

Increased self consumption

A solar PV system helps covering demand during sunny hours. This will increase self consumption and decrease the amount of electricity needed from the grid. The storage system helps balance the energy consumption to increase self consumption further.

Without storage system

With Storage System

Flexibility services

By using a flexibility software it is possible to use the battery storage for selling and buying from the grid to optimise revenue. The main scope is to sell excess energy to the grid when electricity prices are high, and charge the battery when electricity prices are low, while optimising self consumption.


Example of peakshaving

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