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Meet the team that makes our business possible

  • Ulrika Tornerefelt
    Ulrika Tornerefelt Founder and Group CEO

    10 years of management within the energy industry, with patents within energy storage solutions.

    20 years of senior project management combining R&D and commercialization.

    10 years of executive management boards.


    +46 701 65 96 58

  • Jonas Jonsson
    Jonas Jonsson Co-founder, Investor Relations & Partner

    Jonas is a business-driven and award-winning serial-entrepreneur with long experience on working with developing sustainable city concepts.

    Jonas has over 15 years of experience with helping start-ups and scale-ups to attain proper funding.

    Jonas network spans over several business sectors throughout Europe, including banking, energy industry, pharmacological companies, hotel businesses, cities and authorities.


    +46 705 57 85 82

  • Andres Rozas
    Andres Rozas Energy Solution Specialist

    Andres holds a MSc in Solar Energy Engineering and a BSc in electronics engineering.

    Andres has more than 15 years of experience spanning from control systems and power electronics systems implementation to design, modelling and techno-economic evaluation of renewable energy systems.


    +46 728 81 17 23

  • Louise Garton
    Louise Garton Business Development and Marketing

    Louise is a recent graduate from KTH and holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, with a minor within energy systems and sustainable development.

    Louise has gained experience of business model development and marketing at Stella. She also has experience of sustainable strategy analysis.



    +46 708 63 77 58

  • Christian Sloot
    Christian Sloot Energy System Engineer


    +46 732 46 35 01



  • Felix Sippel
    Felix Sippel Head Project and Operations Manager

    Felix has managed international innovation projects, building smart solar/battery microgrids in India.

    He also has experience with techno-economic modelling of solar parks with storage and is an energy transition enthusiast.

    He has a background in chemical and biological engineering and sustainable energy systems and is an alumnus of the InnoEnergy Master School.


    +46 733 40 07 25

  • Mariel Soares
    Mariel Soares Project Controller

    Mariel has worked with financial analysis and planning in multinational industries.

    Moreover, she also has experience in research and development in the Green Technology segment since she is enthusiastic in clean technologies.

    Her background is biological engineering and currently she is studying renewable energy in the InnoEnergy Master School.


  • William Ekholm
    William Ekholm Head Technical Sales and Integration Engineering

    William has over 7 years of experience within business development, strategic purchasing, design and commissioning of several different battery system technologies.

    William has worked with strategic sales and partnership growth within the Swedish battery industry over the past 3 years.

    William also has a background as integration engineer of new battery and inverter systems, specialized on real estate and industry scale projects.


    +4676-85 11 698

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