Battery systems with flexible financing

Stella Futura's vision is to make renewable energy systems accessible everywhere.  We combine market leading battery technology with customized financing solutions for energy storage. Our offering to our customers, including planning, design, procurement, integration, commissioning and operation of complete battery systems, enables us to accelerate the green energy transition together.

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We accelerate the green transition


MW battery projects under development


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Stella Futura provides technology and financing solutions within energy storage. We are active in the Nordics and offer solutions within BESS ("Battery energy storage systems") to industries, real estates, energy production plants, large farms, commercial properties and public institutions. Stella Futura is a market leader behind the meter, and offers Battery-as-a-Service - enabling full financing of the battery system for our customers.

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Reference case

250 kW to mobility house in Hyllie

The Mobility House in Hyllie, the first of many upcoming projects with Hubpark.
Reference case

Unique inverter solution and battery system for Siemens Energy, for island operation with hydrogen turbines

The batteries enable island operation for the system for a short period, allowing it to run without any external power supply. The project's inverter has the market's most impressive...
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Reference case

120 kW/ 307 kWh Battery system to large farm

The batteries help cut power peaks and increase the farm's use of its own solar energy. The battery is also connected to Svenska Kraftnät's (The Swedish Power Grid) balance market and...
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Reference case

Upgrading and operational optimization of waste vacuum plant

Through Stella Futura's Service Stacking model, the battery system can perform several services for the customer depending on what is required at any given moment.
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Reference case

1 MW/ 1,1 MWh battery system integrated in hydropower plant

Stella Futura has delivered a tailor-made battery system that steps in and briefly shoots an extra power, before the power plant's turbines have time to start.

Our offers

We offer various types of battery system services, tailored to our clients' needs. Read more about our different offers below.


This offer is relevant if you want to purchase a battery system as part of a larger project. During the feasibility phase, we investigate technical conditions and energy infrastructure on site, as well as dimensioning of optimal system design. Installation, commissioning and O&M contracts are included in the offer.

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Feasibility study

During a feasibility study, we examine the potential for installing a battery system at your premises. We investigate all technical and electrical prerequisites, evaluate relevant battery systems, and provide decision support for a potential investment.

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This offer is relevant if you want to buy a battery system as a product. You, as our client, have a relatively complete site and are also responsible for all electrical pre-work before installation of the battery system is done. We provide all needed consultation during the process. Installation, commissioning, and O&M contracts are included in the offer.

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BaaS stands for Battery-as-a-Service. Stella Futura provides full financing of the battery system, including all preparatory work, installation, and commissioning at your premises. You, as our client, receive a share of the revenues and savings generated by the battery system. Typically, a lease agreement is signed between the financier and the owner of the premises.

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Ulrika Tornerefelt, CEO and Founder

"Stella Futura is unique in the sense that we not only offer customized energy storage systems, but also flexible financial solutions. This is the core of our business. Stella Futura takes care of our client's needs, for complete delivery of an operational energy storage system, which in turn provides real cost savings and revenue."


Our knowledge base and Stella Battery Academy

Why install a battery system?

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We share knowledge to accelerate the green transition. Enter our Knowledge Bank where you can listen to our own podcast Futurapodden (mainly in Swedish) and read our posts about the energy industry.

What benefits do battery systems bring to our energy system as a whole? How can savings be achieved? How does the battery contribute to your business revenue? Why is the performance of inverters important? How do backup systems work?


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Want to know more?

If you have any questions about our offers, both regarding hardware and financing, don't hesitate to contact us for consultation or a quote.