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1 MW / 1.1 MWh battery system integrated in hydropower plant

Jämtkraft's hydropower plant in Granboforsen is Sweden's first hydropower plant with an integrated battery storage. The battery system supports the power grid during disturbances and ensures normal operation of the hydropower plant.

Upgrade of the hydroelectric power plant

Stella Futura has delivered a customized battery system that steps in and briefly provides additional power before the turbines of the power plant start running.

Since the installed batteries have such fast response time, the hybrid power plant in Granboforsen will also meet the requirements for the fast frequency reserve, FFR, where the entire volume sold must be able to be activated in about one second to support the system with power before the FCR-D has been activated. This is a completely new service for Jämtkraft since none of the power plants are currently fast enough to participate in the FFR market.

Man som kopplar "back up" batterier

The need for storage services is increasing

However, we achieve many more functional fulfillments through battery installations at hydroelectric power plants. The operational variations that hydroelectric power plants offer have a downside in increased wear on the turbines. When we use batteries, they are used for the rapid response needs and thus reduce unwanted wear," says Ulrika Tornerefelt, CEO of Stella Futura.

"In addition, there are clear environmental benefits as water levels, which otherwise rise and fall rapidly and thus affect the environment around reservoirs and outlets, will be able to be more stable," explains Susann Handler.

Jämtkraft Hemsidan

Despite short notice and the difficulty and complexity of the project, Stella Futura has been the only one among all project stakeholders who has delivered with good quality and on time. We should have involved you earlier in the process. Thank you, Stella Futura, for a good collaboration throughout this project and for timely deliveries in a time when the COVID situation has caused material shortages and delays in most areas.


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