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Stella Futura installs 250 kW at Hubpark's Mobility House in Hyllie

Mobility House in Hyllie, the first of many upcoming projects with Hubpark.

Mobility House in Hyllie - the first of many

In the Solkvarteret Mobility House in Hyllie, commissioned in June 2021, a 250 kW property battery has been installed. Here, in the Solkvarteret Mobility House, all fast charging takes place through Stella Futura's battery. This way, the area's power grid is not burdened. The battery is mostly charged through solar panels on the facade and roof.

Hubpark drives sustainable urban development

The driving force is to create opportunities for cities and municipalities to continue their expansion without being affected by the lack of energy and efficiency. We want to avoid reaching a "tipping point" where there is simply not enough power to handle expansion. We believe that the need for more housing and workplaces will not diminish. So the breaking point can come much earlier than previously anticipated, says Michael Olsson, Vice President at Hub Park.

With Stella Futura property batteries, peak loads can be cut, which benefits the property owner. The city and the power grid benefit from reducing the load during periods of high energy demand. When the property owner has control over energy and energy costs, it also means a greater opportunity for lower housing costs.

Hubpark builds both solar parks and installs our batteries in their mobility houses. Each property owner retains the energy savings and power cutting in their own property. A single battery provides power for both the property owner and the grid, while an ecosystem of interconnected batteries in a common control system provides power for a much larger area.

Everyone wins by becoming a little more "collectively independent".


Renewable energy in the batteries

The highest environmental benefit is achieved when the batteries are filled with fossil-free electricity. That is why Hubpark is developing its own solar parks in parallel, with agreements already in place with several municipalities and landowners. The connection times for new energy producers to the grid are long. By working in parallel with both the mobility house, mobility solutions, and the energy issue at an early stage, we have an advantage and the solution can be in place already during production/construction. This allows our customer Hubpark to offer the contractor green construction and performance guarantee through battery storage.

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