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750 kW battery system at a large central warehouse for a customer in SE3 with backup functionality

The battery system is complemented with critical backup functionality to ensure full supply 24/7 of the fully automated inventory management. Simultaneously, the system is connected and aggregated to the Swedish national grid balance market.

Service Stacking

The battery will serve multiple functions according to Stella Futura's Service Stacking model.

The system will both ensure the customer's 24/7 operation with backup functionality, as well as connect to Svenska Kraftnät's balancing market to provide value to the power grid and generate revenue for the customer. Stella Futura has designed the system to enable potential future relocation and thereby increase flexibility for the customer.

Backup and Battery-as-a-Service

Stella Futura can also offer backup power and UPS as a service, which is part of a broader Battery-as-a-Service offering where Stella Futura finances the battery for the customer. This means that the customer purchases a backup functionality through a monthly fixed subscription to Stella Futura, something that can also be combined with battery balancing services.

Modern warehouse during business hours with a lot of different cargo truck

Multiple functions in one

- Many of the country's warehouses and logistics centers are now adjusting, and battery systems serve several important functions here. Our battery systems offer backup functionality, ensuring that customers can maintain their critical power supply around the clock. Furthermore, they can also contribute to local benefit by offering the battery's services on the Swedish National Grid's balancing market. With a growing fleet of electrified vehicles, the batteries also ensure fast charging during specific hours of the day. All of this is included in our service stacking offering, says Ulrika Tornerefelt, founder and CEO of Stella Futura.

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