Unique power conversion solution and battery system for Siemens Energy for hydrogen turbine-driven operations

The project's converters have the most impressive capability in the market to handle frequencies in the range of 45-54 Hz.

Unique power exchange solution for high frequency fluctuations

The installed battery system consists of a lithium-ion battery (NMC) with a prismatic battery cell integrated with a unique control and optimization system, down to the battery cell level. The batteries enable island operation for the system for a short period of time, allowing it to run without any external power supply.

The control system, combined with the NMC cell, provides this battery system with the best possible performance and the highest approved safety requirements. In addition, the power converter has the most impressive ability in the market to handle frequencies in the range of 45-54 Hz, working up to MW scale. This installation corresponds to 75 kW/76 kWh. Along with renewable energy from the installed solar panels, the installation will provide a more robust energy source. The energy from this part of the system can be used directly as electricity or converted into hydrogen for storage and use as needed, either as hydrogen or converted back into electricity through Siemens Energy gas turbines.

"Stella Futura has successfully provided Siemens Energy and the 'Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center' project with a unique energy storage solution combined with a solar park. Stella Futura was the only company, in our global bid, with the capability and expertise to solve this task and offer Siemens Energy a state-of-the-art system. Additionally, STELLA also included a leasing option for the battery solution, which has not been seen in the market before. I believe that STELLA is at the forefront of delivering unique technology and business models. They have shown a good understanding of our needs as their customer and have delivered in close communication with our internal team at Siemens Energy." - Mattias Vieweg, Project Sponsor and Tech Project Manager at Siemens Energy AB.


In this project, Siemens Energy will develop a zero-emission demonstration facility at its gas turbine test facility in Finspång. The project aims to create a demonstration facility to showcase how hydrogen and gas turbines, renewable energy production, and energy storage work together in a future flexible and sustainable energy system. Excess electricity from factory tests and solar power will be stored in a battery and used to produce hydrogen, which will be used as fuel for the gas turbines. The Swedish Energy Agency assesses that the project promotes the industry's climate transition and creates new opportunities for sustainable fuel-based electricity supply locally and regionally in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

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http://In this project, we will develop a zero-emission demonstration facility at Siemens Energy's gas turbine test facility in Finspång. The facility will demonstrate a microgrid solution that combines hydrogen and solar energy with turbine power and batteries.


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