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Upgrade and operational optimization of waste vacuum system

With the help of the battery system, the waste vacuum's large short-term power peaks can be reduced from 184 kW to 60 kW. This is called 'Peak Shaving'.

The battery system serves multiple purposes

Through Stella Futura's Service Stacking model, the battery system can perform multiple services for the customer, depending on what is required in each given moment. This creates multiple cost-saving streams as well as direct revenue.

The purpose of installing the battery system is primarily to cut the power peaks of the waste suction system, thus reducing the electricity costs associated with power consumption (known as peak shaving). The battery system also enables revenue from the Swedish Transmission System Operator's balance market and, to some extent, also from local flexibility markets. In this case, the building is also equipped with solar panels, and the battery system allows for increased self-consumption of electricity when excess solar power production occurs.

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Since the start of the project with the waste vacuum system, Stella Futura has delivered a very high level of expertise both technically and commercially! The project management and the proactive ability to see our needs from a customer perspective have also been distinguishing! I can warmly recommend STELLA's energy system solutions and high expertise in energy storage and energy systems that really work in practice.

Framework agreement with Envac Scandinavia

Vacuum waste collection systems have very high short-term power peaks a few times per day. This can be solved with battery systems. In this collaboration with Envac, Stella Futura installs battery systems in Envac's vacuum waste collection systems to generate savings for their customers.


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