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Industries and clients

Stella Futura's client segments consist of industries, public institutions, energy companies, large farms, and commercial properties. A key factor is to offer business setups and financing solutions with financial partners that enable the client to purchase the energy solution as a service, without heavy upfront investments.

Local energy companies and grid owners

Stella Futura installs and commissions a 15 MW battery system for Härjeåns.

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Logistics and transportation company

Commissioning of a 750 kW battery system at a large central warehouse for a client in SE3.

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Real Estate and Industries

Through service stacking, we create savings and revenue for our client in this segment, resulting in significantly improved net operating income. Furthermore, our batteries contribute to the 'greenification' of the business, which has an indirect effect through the new taxonomy regulation.

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Large agriculture

The batteries help to mitigate power peaks and increase the farm's use of self-generated solar energy. The battery is also connected to the Swedish Power Grid's balancing market, generating direct revenue for the client.

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Batteries create opportunities

If you run a business, there are several reasons to get a battery system.

  • For some businesses, electricity has critical functionality. A battery can serve as a backup solution to ensure the operation.
  • Some industries require high power for short periods, such as during production start-up or fast charging of electric vehicles. A battery can deliver the required power, resulting in significant savings on the power subscription.
  • By combining the battery with solar cells, you can lower your electricity costs and become more self-sufficient by storing excess electricity in the battery and using it during peak electricity pricing.
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Stella Futura offers high technical competence

Battery systems are complex, and the demand is high. At Stella Futura, we strive to only work with premium suppliers in Europe. We combine this with a high level of technical expertise to offer a complete and high-quality solution to all industries in our client segments. We work with long contract models, so it's important that the equipment is reliable.

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Own or subscribe to a battery

Stella Futura offers its customers the option to purchase and own the battery. This provides an opportunity for the customer to own parts of the battery's revenue stream by offering the battery's services to the Swedish transmission tystem operator's balancing market. This is usually relevant for industries that see the battery as part of their core business and can justify the investment cost.

If the investment is outside of the core business, Battery-as-a-Service is usually more relevant. Battery-as-a-Service is a subscription to the battery's services where Stella Futura covers the entire investment cost.

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