About Episode 3

An unexpected meeting with people with the same driving forces became the starting point for Stella Futura. Wanting to make a difference and asking where the benefit was greatest. The answer was to electrify hospitals in Africa. Listen to the story of how an idea at the kitchen table turned into action.

Listen below! (The podcast is in Swedish)

#3 - Social Impact in Africa - Futurapodden | Podcast on Spotify


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About Futurapodden

The podcast is hosted by Stella Futura's Ulrika Tornerefelt and the author and advisor Per Schlingmann, and is joined by interesting and current individuals. The podcast was started with the drive to make a difference and accelerate the green transition. This requires knowledge and sharing our experiences. The more we are who share knowledge and discuss solutions and market developments, the faster the transition will go. So welcome and listen in!

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