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What are the benefits of battery systems in our energy system? How can savings be achieved? How does the battery contribute to revenue in your business? Why is the performance of inverters important? How do backup systems work? Read more below.

Corey Blackman,

Lead Technical Advisor

"Battery systems are complex. At Stella Futura Engineering, we have years of experience in system design and battery technologies. Because batteries can provide multiple benefits, a deep understanding of both technology selection and performance parameters is required to offer the customer the most optimal solution. We have created Stella Battery Academy where we are building a market-leading competence center in battery system design and integration. We believe in sharing knowledge!"

Making energy happen

The benefits of batteries in our energy system

Stella Futura specializes in behind-the-meter battery solutions and works with various types of clients, such as power production facilities, logistics warehouses, charging stations, and industrial operations.

Our goal is always to use batteries to enhance the existing core business on-site, regardless of the battery service we apply. We help you create value in your core business through the use of batteries.

Batteries are key components in our new energy infrastructure because they can accelerate the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy and the integration of renewable energy sources. This is because batteries enable the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, by storing and releasing energy as needed. In this way, batteries also help mitigate the intermittency problem associated with renewable resources.

Battery systems can also quickly respond to changes in demand and supply on the grid, contributing to grid stability and resilience. They can also guarantee continuous power supply, even during times when the grid is unstable due to demand spikes or extreme weather.

Battery systems can perform services that were previously difficult to handle. This includes peak load reduction and load shifting, which help optimize overall energy consumption.


Savings and earnings from a battery system

Stella Futura applies a method for our batteries that we call Service Stacking. This means that we optimize the battery based on the needs of your core business, and often this involves combining services, i.e., stacking services on top of each other. In this way, we create both local benefits in the power grid and benefits for your core business.

Battery systems can contribute flexibility and resilience to the power grid by offering support services. The battery is then available to manage any imbalances that occur in the power grid when supply and demand for electricity do not converge. By offering support services with the battery system, revenues are obtained from the Swedish Power Transmission System Operator's marketplace.

Battery systems can save on your energy costs by charging when the electricity price is low and using it during times of the day when the electricity price is highest.

You can also avoid expensive peak load fees by using the battery instead of the grid during periods of high power consumption.

Battery systems can also help you optimize your energy usage. If you have your own solar power system, you can save any excess solar energy produced during the day and use it when you do not produce enough.

Saving on carbon dioxide emissions is another sustainability aspect of a battery system. By always charging your battery with carbon-free electricity, you can use the battery during periods when the grid's electricity production results in high emissions (e.g., high import of fossil fuel or use of oil-fired backup power plants).

Ancillary service

The Inverter - the brain of the system

  • The inverter is one of the most important components in a battery system. It is a device that converts direct current (DC) (which batteries require for charging and produce during discharge) into alternating current (AC), which is found in the electric grid.
  • The inverter optimizes the voltage and current to maximize electricity production and ensure its quality.
  • The inverter constantly communicates with the battery and electric grid to know when to charge or discharge the battery. The inverter simply ensures efficient energy management.

At Stella Futura, we believe that performance and quality are essential to successfully navigate the dynamic energy market, especially when it comes to service stacking for the battery. We work with high-quality European brands for both batteries and inverters.

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Back-up is critical for sensitive operations

Back-up, UPS, and backup power are essential applications for businesses that require secure access to energy. By integrating a battery system that is immediately activated in the event of a power outage, costly downtime can be avoided.

At Stella Futura, we offer this service to help our customers secure a green transition and avoid investing in fossil-fueled generators.

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