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Feasibility study

During a feasibility study, we investigate the potential for installing a battery system at your premises. We assess all technical and electrical prerequisites on site, identify relevant battery systems, and provide decision support for a possible investment.

The feasibility study guides to the right decisions

  • During a feasibility study, Stella Futura investigates the possibilities for a client to install a battery system.
  • Normally, a feasibility study takes between 2-6 weeks, whereafter the client receives a report including financial, electrical, and site-specific analyses, with a clear recommendation on next steps.
  • Often, several scenarios are evaluated regarding battery sizing and financial modelling.


At our company, technical expertise is at the forefront. This enables us to have access to new technology that drives us and the development forward. With our knowledge, methods, and reliability, we deliver technology-independent solutions to our customers with high delivery certainty. We get things done.


With our ability to innovate, confidence, and curiosity, we create new, tailored, and flexible technology and financing solutions for our clients. Every assignment is unique, and we always consider the specific needs of our customers.


We work hard for the green transition and to make sustainable energy safe and accessible everywhere. We are as generous with our knowledge as we are humble in the face of new challenges and solutions. To evolve and develop requires courage, knowledge and responsiveness. We want to make a difference.

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Reference case

250 kW to mobility house in Hyllie

The Mobility House in Hyllie, the first of many upcoming projects with Hubpark.
Reference case

Unique inverter solution and battery system for Siemens Energy, for island operation with hydrogen turbines

The batteries enable island operation for the system for a short period, allowing it to run without any external power supply. The project's inverter has the market's most impressive...
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Reference case

120 kW/ 307 kWh Battery system to large farm

The batteries help cut power peaks and increase the farm's use of its own solar energy. The battery is also connected to Svenska Kraftnät's (The Swedish Power Grid) balance market and...
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Reference case

Upgrading and operational optimization of waste vacuum plant

Through Stella Futura's Service Stacking model, the battery system can perform several services for the customer depending on what is required at any given moment.
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Reference case

1 MW/ 1,1 MWh battery system integrated in hydropower plant

Stella Futura has delivered a tailor-made battery system that steps in and briefly shoots an extra power, before the power plant's turbines have time to start.

Feasibility studies at Stella Futura

As a senior business analyst at Stella Futura, I work closely with clients on a daily basis to guide and assist in making the right decisions. Clients greatly appreciate the feasibility study work, as it provides them with relevant decision-making insights. They feel confident knowing they have received the best recommendation for their business.

Louise Garton, Senior business development analyst

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