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If you are looking for installing Energy Systems with high quality technology Stella can help you. Stella can help expand the flexibility market, combining intelligent software with performing Energy Storage systems and Solar PV. Our solutions are applicable in any area where there is a need for greener energy and cost savings. Below you see some of the industries that apply to this.


Use cheaper electricity without the need of dieselgenerators. Stella has several solutions that can be tailor made with batteries and solar PV.


Integrate an energy solution to your building. Include a battery with smart software to optimize energy consumption. Enable cost savings and revenue.

Grid Operators

Integrate a battery to enable a flexible solution. Cover capacity constraints and keep the system balance.

Industrial Operations

Use a hybrid solution when operating industrial sites off-grid, or as a grid tied supplement in heavy power demand scenarios. Lower your diesel costs while using greener energy. For example, stone crushing off-grid.

Example Projects

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