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Financial Leasing for batteries

Financial leasing is a common form of financing for companies that want to invest in new or used equipment, machinery or furnishings.

Does your company need a beneficial green energy solution with cost savings? Then maybe business leasing, or financial leasing as it is also called, is something for you. Today, it is common to finance investment objects via leasing instead of buying them out. Stella is the first company able to offer full leasing for batteries.

Steps of leasing


We help you find the perfect energy system for your needs


You lease the energy system


Your contract declares cost per month and tenure


When the contract ends you can decide if you want to extent the contract, buy the product to a residual value or return it


  • You do not tie up the company’s capital and do not have to pay VAT in advance.
  • The energy storage system/battery does not need to be recognized as an asset in the balance sheet.
  • The cost is distributed throughout the leasing period, which makes budgeting and planning of the short-term ability to pay easier.
  • Usually no cash investment or security is required in addition to the leased energy storage system/battery.
  • You will receive Fixed leasing fees on a monthly or quarterly basis

Climate benefits

  • Greener Energy

Financial Benefits

  • No VAT
  • Not an asset
  • Distributed Cost
  • No cash Investment
  • Fixed Leasing Fees

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Contact us and we will help you structure a leasing solution fitted for your needs.

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