We are the energy solution experts using leading technology to lower your energy costs and reduce your climate impact while at the same time enabling you to achieve the goals set in the agenda 2030 – The global sustainable development goals.

If we want to increase the implementation of renewable energy, we need to understand how to store this energy for times when the sun is not shining, or the wind is not blowing. Storing of energy is one of the greatest barriers to the adoption of renewable energy.
We know how to do it, since we have the state-of-the-art technology.

All clients have their unique prerequisites and needs, thus creating the optimal solution for each client needs to be the focus area.
We know how to do it, since we have the expert solution competence.

Stella consists of a highly committed and competent team with long experience within:

  • Energy technology
  • Energy storage solutions technology in cooperation with German and Swedish research groups which enables exploitation of new technology in Africa
  • Solar manufacturing in Germany
  • International aid work in developing African countries such as Kenya and Ghana
  • Price winning entrepreneurship
  • Motivational leadership
  • Partnership building Stella creates a strong customer relation by managing the complete value chain.
  • Furthermore, Stellas team has a well established and large network within the energy business, health care companies and aid organizations.

Pilot Project

Operations team

  • Ulrika Tornerefelt Founder & CEO

    +46 70 165 96 58

    ”Our generation is given a unique opportunity to create a sustainable society, like no generation before us. I want to do all I possibly can to co-create this future, and proudly pass on for coming generations. STELLAs team has the unique competence and unmeasured passion to do this.”

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  • Francis Asante CEO STELLA Futura Ghana Ltd
  • Veronica Da Silva Chief Operational Officer

    ‭+233 20 200 4996

    “Not only could renewable energy save lives, but also create opportunities for Africa’s youth, leaders and entrepreneurs. It’s high time we embrace this technology”

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  • Gunilla Sunnros Company Growth Strategist

    +46 73 628 31 02

    “Engaging in STELLA gives me the opportunity to contribute to a better world – which has been a personal and professional aim for me for a long time. I believe STELLA to be a vital and necessary piece of the sustainability puzzle that our planet needs.”

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  • Raphael Sarpong Project Manager

    +233 24 043 1495

    “We can co-create sustainable societies if we go green on energy. I want to contribute to global sustainability through the creation of smart, sustainable and efficient energy solutions. STELLA’s team of talented and exuberant, young professionals have the ingenuity and expertise to make this happen.”

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Technical team

  • Christoph Heyerhoff Chief Technical Officer

    +49 3491 8797304

    “We want to bring energy to everybody, instead of just talking about it. From Promise to Practise!”

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  • Andres Rozas Energy Solution Specialist

    +46 70 271 65 35

    “Clean and sustainable energy is vital for promoting growth and development. Knowledge and technology are already available but still willingness to fully address this issue is missing. I want to actively work on developing smart and clean energy solutions. At STELLA I have found a brilliant team with a similar mindset, so we will make the change!”

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  • Robert Yawson Installation and Customer Care Manager

    +233 20 089 1827

    “Solar power system, I believe, is the most abundant, accessible, and least expensive power source on the planet. On top of that it is a safe way to generate electricity, and build a sustainable and safe environment. Which is why I choose to power the world through Solar PV systems.”

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  • Richard Yeboah Installation engineer
  • Dennis Boateng Solar Solution Designer

    +233 24 547 1931

    “STELLA inspire growth of renewable energy solutions to save lives and future of generations to come.

    I aspire to be a part of the change process, in making our lives and that of the future generations safe.”

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  • Silas Asiedu Asamoah Energy and Electrical designer engineer

    +233 20 293 3060

    “Solar energy as a promising renewable energy source is one of the few solutions to the world’s energy crisis. Being a part of a team that combines cutting edge technology with highly reliable yet cost-friendly energy production in an eco-friendly way is the reason I choose STELLA.”

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Sales team

  • Jonas Jonsson Co-Founder & Head of Investor Relations and Partnerships, Customer Relations

    +46 70 557 85 82

    “I want to do everything I can to make the world a better place to live. I want to live in that world for the rest of my life.!

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  • Nickie Johnson Business Dev & PR

    +233 503 325 822

    “I am inspired by STELLA’s mission as it challenges us to be creative in finding new innovative business models to achieve sustainable solutions that are beneficial both for the community as well as business creation.”

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  • Markus Winfridsson Supply Chain & After Market

    +46 72 168 60 80

    “Through STELLAs work, we will be able to make societies self-supporting of power. We work with long term focus to build communities from bottom-up and thereby create all prerequisites needed for individuals and societies to grow. That is awesome!”

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  • Sharon-Elizabeth Morgan Sales

    “Renewable energy means a better world for not only this generation but the generations after us. And Stella is at the forefront of this agenda. Lets make the world better, together.”

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Legal and Finance Team

  • Kjell Ahlberg Senior financial advisor

    “I don’t understand why someone want to invest in companies that destroy our future. They should invest in companies that create the future. I have decided to invest my time in STELLA.”

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  • Jonas Forsman Legal Advisor

    +46 70 955 09 17

    “I believe Stella is the game changer of the energy sector for years to come. Stella has a future proof, clean and long term energy solution with a proof of play technique that everyone is looking for. The solution will make way for new and independent companies and support health care operations in development countries. Just think about it: your own off grid energy solution that runs on nature’s own clean energy right in your backyard – it is not only a winning concept, it will change our planet.”

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  • Jamil Ekring Market Strategy and Growth

    +46 70 633 33 00

    “Clean and sustainable power generation solutions will very soon be one of the main drivers in global economy. When I came into contact with Stella, I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of this journey.”

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