CSIR- Water Research Institute

STELLA FUTURA LTD has installed and commissioned a 125kW solar system, including a battery storage solution from STELLAs partner Tesvolt in Germany, for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Water Research Institute.

STELLA commissioned the system in December 2020, including operation and maintenance service of the system.

Having a stable electricity supply is crucial to the institute, as vital equipment in the Chemistry and Biology Labs cannot go without power. STELLA’s energy system will provide reliable energy 24/7. This solution includes an storage system that will ensure stable electricity during the day as well as at night. WRI is the second facility in Ghana to utilize this new storage technology supplied by STELLA, with an operating lifetime of up to 20 years.

The group CEO of STELLA Futura, Ulrika Tornerefelt, emphasizes the importance of introducing new state-of-the art storage technology in Ghana:

“I have been working within the energy storage industry in Europe for over 18 years, and it is critical to introduce energy storage technologies that can enable the increased utilization of intermittent energy sources, like solar. STELLA is an independent technology provider, which means that can tailor make energy solutions for every client. For the water research institute, it has been critical for their research to combine the solar installation with a high quality, long lasting and robust battery system.”

This is the fourth solar project executed by Stella Futura in just a little over a year since they began operations in sub-Saharan Africa. STELLA is encouraging renewable investments in Ghana and beyond, with the aim to make impact on several of the global Sustainable Development Goals.

Payback Time

5 years

years of free electricity


Annual CO2 emission reduction

145 tonnes

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