Going off-grid?

STELLAs off-grid renewable energy solutions, including our stand-alone systems and mini-grid designs, are cost-competitive options to expand access to electricity. They represent a viable electrification solution that is rapidly scalable, environmentally sustainable, can be tailored to local conditions and, importantly, has the potential to empower both rural and peri-urban communities.

Stella is an expert when it comes to renewable energy, particularly when there is no grid available or limited availability. Off grid energy systems are excellent and reliable in outage situations and are dependable should potential disasters strike.

Staying on-grid?

Grid tied solar systems can easily save you thousands of dollars in energy costs, thus making it one of the most popular forms of renewable energy worldwide. Stella can also include a storage solution in the on-grid system. The battery  can store energy from solar panels when it is not being used by the home or business and save it for later when it is needed. This increases the usefulness of solar panels directly to the owner. Without solar panels it is possible to charge the battery  at low tariff times and discharging during peak times.

Renewable energy coupled with battery storage as part of an on grid system can help you address many of the environmental policies that are in place as well as giving your consumers peace of mind that you are a sustainable business.

Need a financing solution?

We offer various beneficial financing solutions to ease our clients expenditures on green energy. What solution is best for you varies with your needs.

Direct Purchase

Client only pays for the assets / no financing cost

Capex investment / on balance sheet

Fully paid by commissioning date

Power Purchase Agreement

No up-front capital requirement. Client pays for electricity on a tariff basis, either Fixed or Variable.

Client must be a bulk customer registered with Energy Commission, and consume minimum amount annually

Guaranteed cost savings

Contract tenure usually 15 – 20 years. Off-balance sheet investment.

After contract tenure, client takes over ownership of the system

Hire Purchase Agreement

No up-front capital expense

Fixed equal monthly payments to pay off the assets

Ideal for clients who want to own the solar system quickly

No minimum energy consumption requirement

Contract tenure usually 3-12 years. On-balance sheet investment.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M), insurance & warranties can be included during contract tenure.

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