Our Offer

STELLAs on-grid or off-grid energy solution combines European renewable energy technology provided with the skills from young African and European engineers.

Our business model allows for hospitals, schools, office buildings and industries in Africa, to reduce their expensive monthly electricity bills and at the same time be supplied with safe and reliable sustainable energy 24/7.

Today, the electricity in the grid is currently supplied mainly by hydro power, oil, gas or coal. However, the grid is unstable and shuts down unexpectedly, in some countries several times a day. Consequently, large amounts of fuel are utilized to power the hospitals’ back-up diesel generators, to secure power supply during the grid outages.

We offer turn-key, safe and reliable solar power-driven energy solutions. We work with both on-grid and off-grid applications, depending on what our clients need. Our component portfolio only contains leading technology and our competence enables us to tailor-make solutions for any client, I e hospitals, schools, office buildings and heavy industries.

The STELLA solution includes all hardware, installation work, commissioning, after sales, service and support. We also add on a Clean Water solution, when needed, to our customers.

Our solutions are 100% modular and mobile, making it possible to install at remote locations where electricity and clean water is scarce. From the installations done at each facility, we can build Micro-grids to connect neighbouring facilities.

Local Responsibility

We strive to offer sustainable solutions that also provide safe and cheaper energy to schools. This will enable the pupils at the schools to study in their computer halls (which usually is not possible today), as well as to complete their homework without having to use dangerous kerosene lamps, or torch lights which impair vision.

In the school computer halls, we have initiated a cooperative journey to educate the future developers of society and energy engineers, necessary to be able to continue to locally install on- and off-grid energy systems across the African continent.

STELLAs energy solutions empower the growth of national infrastructure, as well as create new jobs for young people in Africa.

We have the knowledge and the right incentives. We don’t believe in aid – we believe in sustainable and long-term global growth.

Stella Africa
Stella Africa