Our unique knowledge of energy solutions in combination with a smart technology integrated in controllable software, will help you mitigate your energy challenges, for example:

Peak Shaving – Cutting your power peaks.
With STELLA’s energy solution, we help you eliminating your power peaks, resulting in lower fixed electricity costs and reduced climate impact.

Peak Shifting – Buy and store electricity at the lowest cost.
With STELLA’s energy solution, we help you manage when to buy electricity at the lowest cost and when to store electricity and thereafter use the stored electricity, resulting in reduced electricity bills and reduced climate impact.

Frequency Balancing – Controlling your system frequency at 50Hz plus or minus 1%.
With STELLA’s energy solution we make sure there is sufficient generation and demand held in readiness to manage all credible circumstances.

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STELLA offers a turnkey solution for 100% Renewable and reliable power supply 24/7 for Industrial Buildings, Real Estate Buildings, Car charging stations including all hardware (transported to the place for installation), Installation work and Commissioning, After Sales Service and Support.

The installation and maintenance will be done strictly according to supplier manuals by trained and certified electrical installers, to reduce labor-warranty risks as well as reduce warranty claims for any broken equipment.

The Stella Energy Solution works automatically and doesn´t need permanent monitoring. Stella rather suggests monitoring of the energy consumption to optimize the energy consumption in the facility.

The Systems functionality can be checked by smartphone app or via web-interface, since all installed equipment is logged in a STELLA digital platform where any mail functions can be detected and thus exchanged. This digital platform will also serve as a system performance analysis tool.

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Stella Europe