Veronica Da SilvaChief Operational Officer

+233 249136159

Veronica holds a M Sc in Engineering Management. She is a dedicated, results-driven Enterprise Business Solutions Manager with over 10 years of positive work experience and leadership in a high growth and complex emerging market.  She has long experience of coaching and training senior engineers and a strong ability to motivate and organize teams. She has long experience within Business Solution Management and implementation of large-scale technical projects in both urban and peri-urban societies in her home country Ghana. Veronica founded the not-for-profit organization e-inclusion Ghana in 2014 to improve education in deprived communities of Ghana with technology and using technology to empower youth leadership and entrepreneurship for a sustainable Africa. Veronica has developed funding models and continuously provide leadership and mentorship to support Africa’s youth development initiatives. Veronica is a fellow within several organizations such as, Mandela Washington Fellowship, President Obama’s Young African Leadership Initiative, 2015

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