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120 kW / 307 kWh Battery System for Large Farms

Svenneby Farm is the first dairy farm in Sweden to fully invest in the benefits of combining a solar panel system with battery storage at this level. The solar panels, with 694 panels, have a capacity of 216 kWp, and the battery storage has a capacity of 307 kWh.

The battery creates both savings and revenue for Svenneby Farm

The batteries help to reduce peak power and increase the farm's use of solar power. The battery is also connected to the Swedish Power Grid's balancing market, generating direct revenue for the customer.

"As a modern and forward-thinking farmer, it feels right to invest in the energy systems of the future. Like many others, I see the trend towards significantly increased energy costs and changed power tariffs. I already see it today, that's why I want to be able to better plan my costs and protect myself against future price increases, while also becoming more independent," says Patrik Leo, farmer and owner of Svenneby Farm.

A good deal

Income is generated through

  • Selling excess solar electricity
  • Income from the balance market

Cost savings are achieved through

  • Consuming solar electricity instead of purchasing from the grid
  • Consuming stored solar electricity
  • Peak shaving with the battery system
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