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This offer is relevant if you want to buy a battery system as a product.

Agile product sales with excellent support

In a pure product sale, you take more personal responsibility. Usually, you have a relatively finished site and also take responsibility for ensuring that all electrical prerequisites are in place before installing the battery system.

We at Stella Futura provide consultation when needed. Installation, commissioning, and service contracts are included in the price.


At our company, technical expertise is at the core. This allows us to access new technology that drives us and the development forward. With our knowledge, methods, and reliability, we deliver technology-independent solutions to our customers with great delivery reliability. We get things done.


With our ability to innovate, confidence and curiosity, we create new, tailored and flexible technology and financing solutions for our customers. Each assignment is unique and we always consider the specific needs of our customers.


We work hard for the green transition and to make sustainable energy safe and accessible everywhere. We are as generous with our knowledge as we are humble in the face of new challenges and solutions. To evolve and to create requires courage, knowledge and responsiveness. We want to make a difference.

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Reference case

250 kW to mobility house in Hyllie

Mobilitetshuset i Hyllie, det första av många kommande projekt med Hubpark.
Reference case

Unique inverter solution and battery system for Siemens Energy, for island operation with hydrogen turbines

Batterierna aktiverar ö-drift för systemet under en kort period, så att det kan köras utan någon extern elförsörjning. Projektets växelriktare har marknadens mest imponerande förmåga...
Svennebygård utomhus hemsidan
Reference case

120 kW/ 307 kWh Battery system to large farm

Batterierna hjälper till att kapa effekttoppar och öka gårdens användning av egen solel. Batteriet är också uppkopplat mot Svenska Kraftnäts balansmarknad och genererar därmed direkta...
Sopsugen ljusare Hero
Reference case

Upgrading and operational optimization of waste vacuum plant

Genom Stella Futuras Service Stacking-modell kan batterisystemet utföra flera tjänster åt kunden beroende på vad som krävs i varje givet ögonblick.
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Reference case

1 MW/ 1,1 MWh battery system integrated in hydropower plant

Stella Futura har levererat ett skräddarsytt batterisystem som kliver in och kortvarigt skjuter på en extra effekt, innan kraftverkets turbiner hunnit dra igång.

Product sales

We have a large portfolio of various battery system products and can therefore guide our clients in the right direction when they want to invest in a system. Product sales are usually done with our smaller systems where not much site-specific analysis is required.

Andres Rozas, Energy solution specialist

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